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Quick review of the escort industry in New Zealand

Since 2003, New Zealand has proudly liberated its sex trade workers but legalizing prostitution. Additionally, escorts, brothels, sex clubs, and private sex services are all freely available, with the exception of underage sex workers. If you have ever been curious about New Zealand’s escort industry, you have come to the right place.

What sparked change in the country?

Prior to the legalization of prostitution, sex trade workers hid behind the image of massage parlours. As a result, workers were not protected by police, and rules were difficult to enforce between clients and escorts. Citizens in the country were actually pleased that escorts would now be given rights and respect for their profession, and so they should be.
What does the sex trade industry look like?

Compared to other countries like Amsterdam or Thailand, New Zealand’s industry is quite similar. A quick peek into it, and you will find many thriving brothels and escort agencies with stunning women. Keep in mind that it is illegal for anyone other than New Zealand citizens to work as a prostitute or escort in the country.


In this country, brothels are in abundance. You will not find any red-light districts in this country, such as you will in Amsterdam. However, there is plenty of sex to find within the brothels. Before 2003, brothels were called massage parlours, but now they can freely operate. Sex Clubs Swinger clubs are not popular in New Zealand, so you will not find many of them around. Alternatively, sex clubs are popular, such as CCK Lounge Bar, Chilli Club, and Desire Love Motel. At these places, you will find escorts who are not only willing to engage in sex with you but also get to know you. If you come as a couple, there are women who are willing to entertain both of you. Most rooms in sex clubs are equipped with a Jacuzzi and lavish bedding.

Private Escort Services

Stunning escorts are not hard to find in New Zealand. You can easily locate an escort agency in some of the main cities in the country; it is rather normal to pass by them while taking a stroll down the street. Escorts are available to book, just look through the agency’s directory and select a lady that stands out. There are many New Zealand escorts who are willing to participate in Girlfriend Experience, anal sex, BDSM, shower sex, oral sex, sex without condoms, and even gang bang. The important thing is to always ask an escort what she is comfortable with and her limitations, as this will provide you with the best experience.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

New Zealand escorts and prostitutes typically will require clients to wear protection before engaging in anal, vaginal, or oral sex. That being said, there will be those women who do not have a preference. As a client, you must make the decision for your own health, and whether or not you want to risk getting an STD from unprotected sex. It is easy to get caught up in the moment when with a beautiful girl, but one, unprotected moment can lead to an unfortunate disease.

Drugs, Crime, and Safety

Like anywhere in the world, drugs and crime exist in New Zealand, too. When visiting brothels, private venues with escorts, or sex clubs, drugs may be offered to you. Be aware of what you are taking and whether or not is illegal or legal – this could get you into a lot of legal trouble, if illegal. Crime is also something to consider; luckily, there is a heavy police presence, especially around brothels and sex clubs. In fact, brothels are very safe because owners want clients and escorts to bring a flourishing business – this can’t happen if there is crime or the feeling of being unsafe (the same goes for sex clubs and escort agencies).

New Zealand is a bustling, liberal place to visit brothels, sex clubs, and private places with escorts. Those working in the sex trade industry want their businesses to bring in lots of money and amazing experiences for both clients and escorts. Therefore, we are sure your time in New Zealand will be a time to remember, whether it is spent intimately with a beautiful escort or in a brothel with a sexy prostitute.