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Things That Will Get You Blacklisted By New Zealand escorts

If you have been to Auckland before then you understand how fun this city can be especially if you are the type of a person that enjoys secluded fun. New Zealand escorts from our directory have the skills and the expertise to make your stay worthwhile. However, just like any other human beings, they also get fed up by some clients and even blacklist them. So what is it that turns an escort girl against you? Here are the things you need to avoid if you are to stay on their wish list.

Not paying as agreed

Escorts are in business and they expect the payments for the services they will offer to be done according to the agreement. So if you discuss about the rates and the mode of payments before the meeting, that should just be it. Prostitutes don’t like clients who still want to negotiate during the meeting. Also, clients who pay through cheque, gift cards or vouchers are a no go zone to call girls. Unless you want to end up in their blacklist, you should always pay in cash as agreed and you will enjoy the services you paid for over and over again.

Showing up drunk

One of the key rules escorts will always spell out to their clients is not showing up for the date while drunk or on drugs. This is always a no go zone for escorts as drunk clients can turn abusive or end up spoiling what was meant to be a romantic meeting.

Expecting pure hour of sex

Most clients book these Auckland escorts purely for intercourse. If you are the type then you will one day end up not having a single call girl to ask out. An escort is a lady with feelings, like your girlfriend or wife. Therefore when she shows up, she expects the two of you to hold a conversation, joke around, play games a little bit, cuddle then later on have sex. But the agenda of the meeting should not just be sex.

Making her read your mind

Clients expect satisfaction from prostitutes because they know these girls have been trained to satisfy clients. However, escorts too need a starting point. This means giving her clues on what it is that you like most, what turns you on, what you expect and what will make the date special. But don’t make her try to figure out things on her own. This mostly turns the date into a cold one and puts you in the black list.

Tricks around the condom

One of the rules that keeps escorts safe and healthy is not trusting the health status of their clients. Therefore, an escort will be careful with any client and therefore, will demand that they wear a condom. Any trick around that will end up putting yourself in the blacklist. And if you insist on not wearing a condom, the hooker will have to walk out on you.

Being late for the date

They say that time is money and this is a principle that drives every business person. Escorts are also in business and time is a factor they treasure so much. So being late is a behavior most of them will not tolerate. Being late for a date or not showing up is not only an inconvenience for the time she would have been with you but for the time she would have spent with another client. So she will probably blacklist you for wasting her time and money.

Being a time waster

Local New Zealand escorts can tell a time waster from a distance. Remember most of them have been in business for quite some time and they can sense a client who is not serious. So when you want to inquire more about an escort, she will hang up on you. If you repeatedly ask the same questions, that is a red alarm of time wasters. Clients who also call multiple times with different questions each time they call also shows that they are nothing but time wasters. Therefore, when you call an escort, be a straightforward person and tell them what it is that you want. Let them know of the exact time and place of the meeting. Incase there is any question, let the escort be the one to contact you. Once you have made the booking, she is all yours. So you don’t have to keep on pestering her with more questions and details.

Poor hygiene

A client will never spend a minute with a dirty and smelly companion. In fact, the first thing you would do is report her to the agency and write a bad review about her. But the same thing applies to escorts. They also wouldn’t want to get intimate with a smelly client. In fact, all trained escorts understand the essence of looking the part. Therefore, they will always show up for the meeting looking and smelling nice for the client. Clients too need to look the part. So if you plan to meet an escort after work, make sure you freshen up before the meeting and wear some cologne or else, you will be blacklisted.

Lack of etiquette

Simple things you were taught is school like saying thank you, sorry or excuse me matter in life. When meeting up a call girl, you should carry your good manners with you. Although some people don’t hold escorts in their highest value, they are professionals like any other and they deserve your respect. Rude and abusive clients who don’t show respect will most definitely get black listed by the companion.


You will find yourself in a black list if you are a constant liar. Although escorts don’t really ask for more details about the client, but clients need to be truthful during the screening process. There needs to be trust between a companion and the client but the same trust can be broken if the escort feels like your lies are more than the truths. It is really not easy to get intimate with someone you cannot trust; after all they could be in the most wanted list.

Pushing boundaries

New Zealand escorts are normally governed by the rules and regulations of the agencies or those they set up by themselves. Clients need to know these boundaries before hand and respect them. So there are things the escort will never agree to like breaking the law, taking drugs or getting intimate in places prohibited. Clients should be accommodative of these boundaries and learn to work with them. Otherwise, boundary pushers mostly get black listed.

Put a stop to the weirdness

Prostitutes are trained and they have the skills to read weirdness from a distance. If they feel your character is not the best then they will avoid you like the plague. But if it is your character or if you have something within you that triggers the weirdness, let your companion know before hand and she might find a way of  tolerating your weirdness. But if all these hits her by surprise, you will be surprised to get a blocking before you even meet.

Ignoring instructions

Escorts can also be particular about their ways of doing business. Most of them have instructions that ensure your meeting is highly classified. So they will give you directions on where to park your car and which entrance to use. Clients who never take instructions never get the chance to be with these escorts for the second time.