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Ultimate guide how to date New Zealand escorts

It is quite unfortunate that men have no place where they can learn how to interact with escorts. The pleasure offered by a prostitute is something that any man should not miss in their lifetime. We have compiled a complete guide to help men enjoy mutually satisfying private escort services in New Zealand.

Since time immemorial, man has always sought ways of fulfilling his physical needs. In the 21st century, technology and availability of information have even made it better for a man in his quest to satisfy his sexual requirements. Men spend endless hours on the internet trying to find ways of carnal gratification. Sex experts keep saying that no amount of watching porn or masturbation can fill that void of a man wanting sex. Guys, therefore, use the internet to search for quick fixes to their problems which is using an escort. With her, you don’t have to invest in trying to woo her because she gets paid to have sex with you. With a hooker, it is straight forward no beating around the bush. Before we delve deep into the discussion, let’s first break some myths and misconceptions that people harbor regarding the sex industry.

Breaking the Stereotypes about Escorts in New Zealand

If there is one career that people often look down upon, it is the sex work. No wonder, most New Zealand escorts never let their relatives and friends know what they do for a living for fear of stigmatization. Here are some of the stereotypes and misconceptions people have about call girls.

Most people believe that sex workers are diseased girls who have to have sex with men to sustain their miserable lives. Well, that is far from reality because escorts are the most conscious people about their reproductive life and that of their clients. Did you know that an prostitute will not just engage in unprotected sex without carrying out the necessary tests with the client? Local girls aren’t desperate for money and won’t participate in unsafe sex for money.

Sex workers are also regarded as drug addicts and offering sex to men is the only way to gain money for drugs. No, that is a flat-out bit of misinformation. Our Auckland escorts are clean girls who have class and dignity. The prostitutes are professionals who know what they are doing and will use the money to invest in other things. Therefore, don’t expect that if you book an escort, some shaggy looking girl smelling like all sorts of narcotics will show up. Expect a decent girl who is determined to give you pleasure.

Other men often fear to associate with call girls because they feel that they aren’t educated and may embarrass them in front of friends if booked for a girlfriend experience. The truth is, most of the private Auckland escorts are educated while the rest have decent levels of education. You will be surprised at just how the sex workers are informed on matters outside their profession. Escorts can engage in intelligent conversations that can leave you in awe.

It is also common for people to think that prostitutes have pimps who wait for them outside the hotel room to harass and take all the money. Well, that is not the reality on the ground. Sex workers are independent women who work on their own will. She also doesn’t work from a brothel somewhere accepting any amount of money given to her by disrespectful men. These girs are decent, and they meet their clients in equally decent places and are in charge of dictating their charges without anyone’s influence.

Other stereotypes that fly all over about call girls are that they are malnourished and live hand to mouth. To your utter dismay, these girls earn substantial incomes sometimes even higher than those of chief executive officers, lawyers, or even doctors. The Fact is that escorts earn more than most people in other professions. Of course, you don’t expect that a person earning a high income would be underfed.

Why Pay Escorts while you Can Get Free Sex?

A man may wonder why he should go through the trouble of paying for escort services while he can get free sex with his girlfriend. Well, the two experiences are totally different from each other. For instance, a prostitute is pleased to offer whatever services you may want while your girlfriend can only agree to what she deems comfortable. For example, your girlfriend may outrightly say no to anal sex or even to any weird kinks you may want to try with her. A girlfriend will even say she has a headache when you are supposed to meet a friend together. On the other hand, an escort will hold your hand all through the night if you book her for a girlfriend experience. A hooker is also more than pleased to try out your kinks and role play even that crazy fetish without any complain or even judging you.

Besides, a girlfriend can tell you are poor in the bedroom and not tolerate you. However, an escort girl can gladly teach you a trick or two on how to treat a fellow woman. Men should never feel embarrassed to ask for advice from sex companions, they are women, and they know how they want men to handle them. Sex experts admit that prostitutes are the best sex teachers because they have had sex with tons of men. As such, they have encountered men who are good in bed and of course those who are poor. With the experiences, these women know where it feels good to be touched or even which position hits the G-spot right.

You should never compare a girlfriend with an escort because you pay an escort for her services and not because she has qualities you would want in a girlfriend or wife. On the other hand, a girlfriend is a potential wife with whom you want to spend with the rest of your life. With a girlfriend, you have to invest your time as well as succumb to the pressure of knowing her interests, friends, and family. An escort will never demand for your time, she is there to offer her services, and after that, she leaves.

Free Sex

You only get free sex under three circumstances; either with a wife, girlfriend or a one night stand. A one night stand happens in the rarest of occasions, and you cannot be sure of good sex. You really don’t know this woman, her preferences, and her dislikes. The sex can go south anytime. At other times you may be in a club taking some drinks, and you spot a potential one-night stand girl. You decide to spoil her with drinks. However, even after buying the drinks, you aren’t sure that she’ll give in to your sexual needs. Clearly, with this kind of situation, the sex isn’t entirely free because you have to entice her with drinks hoping she’ll go home with you.

Having a wife does not guarantee great sex also. Very few married men can term their sex life as fulfilling and enjoyable. There are also those women who lack interest in sex when they get to the menopause age. Well, men still have a high libido even at their old age. There is no need for breaking a long term marriage because of sex. A escort can help you remain faithful to your partner while you still get your sexual needs satisfied.

Some women will even suggest to their men that they seek escort services because they want to sustain their marriages even though they aren’t sexually active. A man who has thoroughly explored his sexuality is a happy man, and a happy man will keep his relationship intact. The best thing about using escort services is that a girl will not look for you after your session. She knows that your relationship is purely business and therefore she won’t sabotage your other relationships. This is unlike a one night stand or you cheating with a girl you meet in the mall because they may decide to show up once they realize you took advantage of them for sex. Of course, this is a ticking bomb waiting to devour your relationship or even marriage which is not worth it.

Most men fear to have sex with women who might discuss with friends or even relatives about it. A man craves not only good sex but also discreteness. There is no greater vulnerability than a man knowing that his sexual prowess is a topic of discussion among his peers. New Zealand escorts can guarantee privacy because aside from the session you book, they don’t know your friends or even relatives. Most importantly, they are less concerned about your personal life. For all they care, you can also choose to remain anonymous.

Go after what you want

Every dude knows what he wants, and it is not wrong to go after it. All that matters is how well you communicate your needs with Wellington escorts. Some of the darkest fetishes that men harbor cannot be revealed to a girlfriend or a wife because it would not only make the man feel vulnerable, but it could also lead to judgmental feelings from the woman.
A hooker will never judge you. Over the years she has listened to some of the desires men ask of her and which would be termed as crazy by a “normal” girlfriend. Not making your wishes known to your escort can only deny you the joy of ticking off the fetish from your wish list. Do not fear that she will have a perception about you. Furthermore, she doesn’t know you, and you are only there to get the services, and both of you will leave maybe never to see each other again.
You also have to keep in mind that different escorts have different capabilities. Our New Zealand escort directory has all types of girls from the dominatrix to the submissive type to the girls who love anal sex. Depending on what service you crave, choose a girl who perfectly matches your needs. Otherwise, you may book a submissive girl and demand that she dominates you which she won’t agree to which would ultimately frustrate you. Eventually, it may even erupt into a confrontation.


Booking can be scary for guys booking a call girl for the first time because they don’t know how they should behave or even what awaits them. Well, you have nothing to worry about because the process is simple and the girls are friendly.
The first step is identifying the best escort agency in New Zealand from a directory. Most of the directories will offer you the contacts of the respective agencies. The agencies will, however, ask some basic questions that you should be willing to answer. The questioning is only meant to ascertain that you’re serious and not just a random joker.

If you use our directory, you’re lucky because you will have a variety of escorts in Christchurch girls to choose from. We have a collection of some of the most beautiful babes from all over the world. Our site helps you narrow down your search from the looks of the girls, the services they offer, as well as their charges. On the profiles, the girls usually indicate their age, nationality, weight, height, service fees, and availability.Once you locate a girl to keep you company during your preferred time, all you need is book her. For purposes of discretion, it is advisable that you have a separate cellphone from what you use on your daily basis. You don’t want to get into trouble either at work or home for contacting an escort service. Well, it is not wrong to use an escort, but we all know how most people perceive the industry or even those who seek escort services.

Make sure you contact your hooker using her most preferred contact method. If she prefers email, remember to create a new email specifically for communicating with a girl, again this is to maintain privacy and discretion. Initiate a back and forth conversation with the girl because it will help you know about her attitude. Besides, you can always negotiate on some services you want to be done but aren’t listed on her profile. Make sure to let the escort know what time you want to meet with her and for how long.

As much as men are discouraged from bargaining on escort fees, you can try negotiating if you don’t want the premium services or if you feel that a service is honestly overcharged. Most of the NZ escorts have room for slight negotiation especially if you approach them in the right manner. You may be surprised that she’ll slash off some amount from your charges which is good for you. All the same, if she isn’t comfortable cutting down on the price, don’t insist or act rude to her.

Nevertheless, beware of escorts who have indicated prices that seem ridiculously low. Ask yourself why their charges don’t reflect the market prices. Could it be because their services are substandard or that they are trying to hide something? Shun away from such girls.

Your companion may want to take the conversation to another level where she may suggest a video call either on Whatsapp, Skype, or WeChat. If she does that, trust her she values discretion, and most likely she just wants to establish some level of trust before the actual meeting.

A Heads Up Before the Meeting

Just like any other woman, local escorts love well-groomed men. A man who asks to take a quick shower before an encounter is a turn on for any woman. Women frown upon a man who wants intimacy while smelling of sweat or any other unpleasant odors. In fact, if you smell bad, you will find that your companion is hesitant to touch you.
Politeness would go a long way in ensuring that your session with a hooker is smooth. Respect her boundaries. For instance, don’t jump to kissing her mouth because most Auckland escorts do not enjoy that. It is also courteous if you open her car door or even pull her chair. She is no different from other women out there.

Finally, the Meeting is here

During your booking, you already discussed where to meet. It could be at your house, hotel, or even at the hooker’s place. Whichever the place, make sure you arrive looking your best. Take the effort to groom just as you do when meeting a date for the first time. Take a shower, shave the beards, armpits, and also the hairs in your groin. Also remember to wear clean, decent clothing, and some good smelling cologne. Your hooker will be pleased to know you took the effort to prepare for her and she will be willing to touch you intimately. As you meet with your acquaintance, you will realize that she took time to prepare for your meeting from the makeup, to the dressing, and also the vibrancy to meet you.

Make sure to arrive on time. Do not be too early unless your meeting was at a bar because you could use the time to drink some nerve-calming sips of wine as you wait. It is also sexy to watch as you wait for her grand entrance. As she walks to you, you even have a chance to confirm that the photos you saw on her profile match her appearance. If the meeting is at your place, take time to clean the house and set aside some clean towels for the escort. Concentrate on cleaning the bathroom and ensuring your bedroom is in pristine condition because those are the two areas she might access.

If you booked an incall escort, then you have to knock at her doorstep at the scheduled time. Otherwise, she could be having another client or not adequately prepared to meet you. There is nothing as embarrassing as having to sit outside an unknown neighborhood because you may attract unnecessary attention or even get the police called on you.

At the same time, you shouldn’t arrive late because your escort may wait until she decides to cancel the meeting. Remember she is a busy woman who may have turned down other clients to see you. It is also not fun to have a rushed session because your meeting started late. At the end of the day, whether you arrive thirty minutes past your scheduled booking, you’ll still have to pay the full amount.

Getting Down to Business

Let’s cut the chase; you booked an independent escort because you wanted some pleasurable moments. Otherwise, you would have had a one night stand or even met with your girlfriend. If you have encountered an escort before, you know that it’s one of those experiences that leave your whole body feeling relaxed. If you haven’t had an escort rendezvous, then this is your guide on how to enjoy the few hours a call girl books you.

Right before the meeting, you could watch a pornographic clip, or you can think of that kink you want to try by the end of the session. However, if you easily get aroused then don’t try this because it will only make you arrive sooner than you would want. It is also okay if you feel nervous about the whole meeting. The chances are that your companion is also anxious because she isn’t sure whether you’re likable or you’re some sort of serial killer. Meeting a new person can be scary, but you will feel better as you get to interact.

When meeting a private escort, always have some stock of condoms and lubes. Ensure that the lubes are water-based. The chances are that she will carry her supply of condoms and lubes. But what if you don’t like her brand? If you have a specific preference for lube or condoms, have them beforehand. It will not only portray you as a responsible, gentleman, but safety is better than being sorry later. Plus, you will have your supply and hers to compare and experiment with.

One trick that could help you relax is showing your private escort around if you’re meeting at your house. As you show her around the house, she will also rest because she is sure that there aren’t other men hiding waiting to pounce on her once she undresses. Plus, you can introduce yourself amidst the house tour. At the end of it, both of you will feel relaxed and ready for the session. Furthermore, it is always nice to start with trust and showing her your house shows you trust her.

Before the start of your rendezvous, you will notice that she may want to make a call to confirm that she has arrived safely. Don’t be bothered; it is something most private escorts in New Zealand do for accountability purposes. After that, if it was an outcall, she may want to use your bathroom for a quick shower because she may have sweated along the way. Yes, prostitutes value hygiene more than anything because it is the secret to a successful intimate encounter.

If you are a shy person, any companion will initiate the session by offering some massage to make you feel relaxed, or she can put up a show by dancing and stripping for you. Yes, the lap dance can turn you on such that it will awaken the beast in you for action. Most likely you have only watched someone receive a lap dance on a movie or even in a strip club. Now is your chance to enjoy that sweet feeling and to touch that toned body of your escort.

Always ask the girl where to touch her if you aren’t sure and she will be happy you’re concerned about her needs. In return, she will give you a time to remember. Stroke your hooker’s hair, massage her shoulders, or even her legs, she would enjoy it. During sex, you can ask your girl to touch herself or use a toy if it would turn you on. Girls love masturbating as guys watch plus it is one show that any man cannot resist. Very few men are concerned about the sexual needs of a hooker. Instead, guys feel that because they have paid, it is only them who want the pleasure. Escort girls love sex; if you may be lucky to have one confide in you, you’ll learn that is the reason why most of them choose to escort. Yes, prostitution is the only way they can earn from doing what they love. As such, the hooker is not only there to please you, but she is also seeking her own sexual fulfillment.

You have to put in mind that, all private escort girls in New Zealand aren’t the same. Some are shy while others are social. Some girls will even pause to engage in talks while the rest don’t entertain small talks. As such, treat each hooker you encounter as she is and you can be sure of a great time with her.

Say goodbye in style

Once your time with that gorgeous lady is up, it is time to part ways. It is okay to feel sad especially if you felt a real connection during your encounter. Sad as it may be, every good thing has an end. With some private escorts, you pay before the meeting, but most escorts prefer receiving the payment after a session. You should maintain utmost respect even as you hand over the envelope containing the money. Ensure that it is the exact amount and don’t feel bad if she decides to count, it's business and she wants to make sure you’ve kept your part of the bargain.

You can add her some tip if you feel her services were satisfactory, but you shouldn’t feel obliged because she doesn’t expect it anyway. As you part ways, you can hug, pat her shoulder or even shake her hand as long as it comes out genuine and natural.

At this time you can also let her know her services were good by a simple “thank you.” If you would want to book her services some other time, let her know when. Meeting one escort regularly guarantees the same services or even better and of course, the comfort that comes with familiarity.

As the two of you dress up, don’t be surprised if she also makes a call to confirm she is safe. Yes, even hookers are concerned about their safety just as you are, but you will get the hang of it as you continue interacting with prostitutes.

Then What Next?

Even after your companion leaves, you can always see her again if you so wish. In fact, most prostitutes admit that they love clients who see them regularly. They not only earn from the return clients, but they also get to build lasting relationships with these men. Well, you would be wrong to think that an escort cannot have a genuine relationship with the clients. Yes, they are human, but their professionalism wouldn’t allow them to break the rules that bind them with their clients.

You also aren’t obligated to book one escort’s services again and again. Trying out different girls can also give you your carnal gratifications. You have to understand that once you book a hooker, get the services, and you pay, you have no other business with her unless you want to have another session with her. As such, you can experiment with different girls as long as you use our sex directory to avoid landing on some shady girls from some brothels somewhere.

As you continue seeing private escorts and reading this guide, you will realize that it isn’t hard to interact with sexy girls in the sex industry and the experiences are worth the money. You will also learn that the adult sector is full of pleasant surprises and that hookers or anyone who seeks their services shouldn’t be demonized by society. Sexual liberation is the best gift any man can offer his body through exploration, and a sex worker is the best person to walk with you through the journey of discovering your sexuality.

How to Avoid Trouble When Seeing an Escort in New Zealand

Caution should always be observed whenever you’re trying some hanky panky with a private escort. As much as it is not wrong, you may get yourself in trouble either with your partner, friends, or colleagues. The key reason why the sex industry is booming even without being in the limelight is that these girls value discretion. They understand that the only way to maintain some mutually benefiting dalliances with their clients is by observing privacy.

However, as much as your escort is discreet, you may also accidentally give some tip-off regarding your indulgences with hookers. As such, ensure that you don’t access adult sites from your home computer or the one you use at work. By mistake, your significant other may stumble upon your browsing history as she checks out something over the internet. Of course, your partner might not be intentionally looking for your search history unless she has suspicions over your faithfulness to her. At work, a colleague may also use your computer to access something while you’re not around and it may damage your reputation.

Use anonymous emails that aren’t linked to any of your data. That way, you can be sure that no one will have access to your sexy chats with your call girls. Also, ensure that you use a different phone that is not billed to your home to avoid unnecessary questions or reason for doubt.

Another thing that can get you in trouble is parking tickets. Ensure you pay them because they could come back to haunt you later leaving your relationship in ruins. You don’t have to lose your long term girlfriend due to recklessness. Don’t leave anything hanging as you see a prostitute; precaution is better than regret.

If you’re lucky enough to have a male friend whom you can take cover with, then you can use them to say you’re together when meeting an escort. No one would question a guy who says he is at a friend’s watching soccer or fishing somewhere out of town over the weekend. However, ensure that the said friend is trustworthy. If you both see escorts, then it is even better because both of you would work hard to safeguard the secret. Better still, your friend could recommend to you a hot chic who you can hook up with.

Whenever you’re almost booking a call girl, but you start second-guessing yourself, take some moment to read her reviews. Online reviews found on her profile could go a long way to giving you a head’s up on what is in store for you. If she has negative reviews, despite how gorgeous she seems, look for another girl. There are thousands of girls to choose from on our New Zealand escort directory.Once you book a girl for a session, be on a keen lookout to ensure that whoever you book is the one who shows up. If you sense that she isn’t the one, don’t settle for a hook and bait game. Walk away unapologetically. If she is dishonest on her profile, what else is she capable of doing? Only pay for what you asked for and don’t even negotiate if a different girl appears.

Always trust your guts whenever you’re meeting an private escort. As much as most hookers are genuine and work hard to earn a living from pleasuring men, there still exists some rotten bunch. Well, perhaps not as gruesome as the Hollywood movies paint escorts but you could meet with some thief waiting to rip off your wallet. You never know. If your gut tells you something is amiss with your girl, perhaps from the way she talks or her body language, you can always dismiss the meeting. As much as it would feel bad for you because you expected to have a time of pampering and fun, let her go. However, out of kindness, you can give her some cash to refund on the fare she used to travel to you and also because she dismissed other clients to come see you.

If you book a private escort, she comes, and you have a great time, please never try to withhold her payment. Some nasty men will try to joke around because they have already received the pleasure they desired. Since most companions pick their fees after a session; a rude guy may try teasing one of the local escorts with her money. Well, if you have never witnessed the wrath of a woman, then, don’t try it. If you pull such a stunt, you will see her true colors. She will change from being overly sweet into a lioness in split seconds. Give her dues without any unnecessary commotion which may, of course, get you into trouble if a passerby decides to record a video.

Parting shot

Every man deserves great sex which can rarely be offered by a girlfriend or wife. Escorts are the best solution for any sexual needs. A hooker is also the best sex teacher if you have problems with your sex life. However, most men are hesitant because they don’t know how to go about booking, and also how to behave during the meeting with a hooker. Getting laid by an escort is straight forward, and you don’t have to succumb to the pressure of meeting her afterward. If you keenly follow this guide and also use our NZ escort directory, you can be sure of a memorable time with one of our sexy babes. Your first time seeing a prostitute might be scary, but it is acceptable. However, with time, you will get used to it and enjoy the pleasant surprises and also get to explore your sexuality with a gorgeous woman beside you.